Your path to making Bitcoin anonymous

Cryptocurrency tendencies are developing very quickly. That is why the topic of how to make bitcoin anonymous is very relevant.

The influence of Bitcoin on any area of everyday life 

Internet technologies absorb all spheres of human existence – entertainment, shopping, learning, communication, etc. In view of all this, it is not at all surprising that the network has become the most common platform for investing capital, and quite a large one at that. 

Blockchain technology can be used in almost any area of everyday life, whether it’s providing affordable and cheap options for financial exchange, protecting your own funds, or providing accurate data about various business processes. It is worth noting that the market is becoming more stable due to the popularization of knowledge about it and the introduction of such concepts as stablecoins and decentralized finance.

Why do you need to use a crypto mixer?

All transactions on the Bitcoin network are public. This is one of the basic principles of blockchain. On the one hand, this is good. However, it is open access to information about wallets and the movement of funds that can harm you.

If you don’t use a crypto mixer, then anyone with certain skills and capabilities will be able to find out where you bought your cue balls and who you transferred them to. This information can be used to identify you and, therefore, be used against you.

Since their inception, mixing services have adapted to the threats arising from transaction analysis. The mixer login address is presented to the user to send their funds to the service. By maintaining a sequence for all users, it will be easy for any user to identify the mixing participants and the number of bitcoins available in the mixer pool. To avoid this, mixers generate new input addresses for each user.