NFT Marketing Services – Explained with an Example

Marketing is all about making the right product reach the right person at the right place with the right price. Also, it is necessary to make sure that the end audiences accept it with utmost satisfaction. For any sector, marketing is vital, and creating products is as important as making it reach the target audience worldwide. The same is the condition for Non-Fungible Tokens as well. NFTs are ruling the crypto realm as it has fabulous potential to provide immutable ownership rights to its holders.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Script is one of the eminent blockchain development firms that offer crypto admirers an assorted range of services in cryptocurrency, blockchain, DeFi, and NFTs. Out of all, the entity’s NFT marketing services have a unique fan base as they have previously encountered good strategies and result-driving approaches to its clientele worldwide. This blog exclusively concentrates on explaining their effective NFT marketing solutions with a good example.

How Cryptocurrency Exchange Script Offers First-Class NFT Marketing Services?

Let us consider an NFT project called ABC, which is operating with the primary objective of building its own community or the one that wishes to capitalize on the market of NFTs.

Initially, the expert team from Cryptocurrency Exchange Script will have a call with the ABC’s team to understand their theme, USP, and concept. Once it is clear, the team will pitch tested and proven marketing strategies as a proposal. ABC’s crew will review it and tweak the proposal to match their requirements. The finalized proposal will be agreed upon by both the parties and a separate team will be allocated to give life to the proposed strategies. This team will consist of a project manager, skilled SEO Analyst, experienced technical content strategist, and adept graphic designer. The following are the various strategies adopted by Cryptocurrency Exchange Script.

Social Media Marketing:

  • The first step is that the team will create social media handles for ABC across different platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, Facebook, Discord, Reddit, and YouTube. If the accounts are already available, they will use the same by availing the managerial access.
  • Now, the first batch (say for 7-8 days) of social media content will be drafted by the technical writers using the Unique Selling Points of the project. The content will have a social tone to make people understand the technology easily and will have attractive elements to make it more engaging.
  • Once the content is ready, it will be sent for approval to the project’s team. Upon approval, the creatives for the content will be designed by skilled designers. Again, the creatives will be sent for approval.
  • When both content and creatives are approved, daily posts will begin on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to capture the attention of NFT admirers.
  • Mostly, the team will send a week’s content and creatives for approval so as to ensure there is no delay/missing of daily posts.

Content Marketing:

  • One of the best examples of content marketing is blogs.
  • Some social media have a restriction on the number of words to be used. So we cannot explain it in detail and would rather be able to give a hint of what the project is about.
  • So our technical writers will frame interesting and engaging blogs to make audiences know about the project deeply.
  • Mostly, the blogs will be published (along with creatives) once a week, and also, remember that this piece will be posted only after the client’s approval.
  • The approved blogs will be published on Medium and will be shared across all social media handles.

Email Marketing:

  • Email Marketing is one of the effective strategies used by Cryptocurrency Exchange Script.
  • The newsletter will be drafted in the most efficient manner by relating the project with the best marketing taglines and appealing content.
  • As a reputed organization in the market, Cryptocurrency Exchange Script will have a huge list of blockchain and crypto admirers to which these ABC’s newsletters will be sent to convert them into leads.

Ad Campaigns:

  • The team will come up with well-strategized paid promotions for the content published on social media.
  • The project manager will take care of the budget and ad campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google.
  • As you are aware, not all ads will run successfully as it is based on the cryptocurrency domain. Our expertise team has hands-on experience in managing the campaigns and will do it in the best possible way to bring fantastic results. To be precise, good traffic is assured with paid promotions.

Press Release:

  • The press release is the next biggest service offered by Cryptocurrency Exchange Script.
  • An official media/press release is mandatory for any project to uplift its brand reputation and brings a high degree of trust among the public.
  • All the official releases of the ABC’s project will be featured on Yahoo Finance, Benzinga, Market Watch, and 100+ sites.
  • It greatly increases the brand visibility across the oceans in the most effective way.

Influencer Marketing:

  • Cryptocurrency Exchange Script will be in touch with some of the top-class influencers of the blockchain and cryptocurrency realm.
  • This includes Twitter, Instagram, Discord, and YouTube influencers.
  • Depending on the requirement, any of the influencers can be used to promote the project on a large scale.
  • The results derived from influencer marketing will be really impressive as they will have genuine crypto-admiring followers.

Video Marketing

  • It is one of the special marketing strategies where a video script will be drafted to attract users by explaining the ABC project in terms of a video.
  • Upon approval from the client, the team will prepare a video from the approved script.
  • The video will have a run time of 1-2 mins, and the whole project will be explained in simpler terms.
  • Videos have the power to seize the attention of the public more than an image or poster. Hence, this strategy will bring in large traffic to the project.

Discord Marketing:

  • The team specially concentrates on Discord marketing to build a real community for the project.
  • AMAs, Giveaways, Meme Contests, and other competitions will be organized to keep the existing community engaged and to make the new audience join the server.
  • The same kind of contests will also be conducted on other social media to drive good traffic.
  • Moderators will be allotted to respond to the queries raised by the community members.

Third-Party Content Marketing:

  • The team will be responsible for third-party content marketing strategies as well.
  • Here, they will post Quora and Forums related to the ABC project from a third-party perspective.
  • Results from this source have proven to be valuable and have brought a considerable amount of leads/traffic to the project.

The Bottom Line

These are the common marketing strategies utilized by Cryptocurrency Exchange Script when an NFT project gets onboard. However, special strategies will also be followed to meet some specific requirements. The reports of the strategies used will be submitted periodically to the client, and the same report will help us know if these strategies work or not. Therefore, it’s clear that opting Cryptocurrency Exchange Script’s most cherished NFT Marketing Services will make a giant difference in the brand’s reputation. To repeat, it is all about making the right product reach the right person at the right place. And guess what? Cryptocurrency Exchange Script does that with ease!