COTI: main features and characteristics

COTI (currency of the Internet) is an enterprise-grade digital finance program that enables enterprises and private organizations to construct their own payment system that isn’t provided with intermediaries and digitize any coin. Because of its appealing, COTI crypto price and market opportunities, this crypto currency became very popular.

Coti uses Trustchain, a decentralized ledger that provides online and offline payments, has a stablecoins, can process over 100,000 finance operations per second and do more useful things. Coinbase is the only company that now supports COTI, which is based on the Ethereum blockchain (ERC-20). As a result, understanding a little more about the using of coti wallets will be important in the future in order to become a pleased owner of this virtual money.

The most important characteristics

COTI is a blockchain system designed specifically for decentralized payments. Businessmen, payment applications, and reliable coin businesses are expected to use it. It ensures extreme measurability while processing thousands of transactions per second and provides low-cost COTI price graph stabilizing techniques.

What is the minimum and maximum amount of money that can be withdrawn?

On-chain and through the platform, Coinbase has put in place measures to maintain a healthy and efficient network.

Minimum and maximum quantities for each coin enables consumers to send through the blockchain are included in these safeguards.

COTI minimum: 0.000000000000000001. COTI maximum: 1,141,553.

What is the procedure of COTI withdrawning?

COTI can be obtained through a COTI exchange using an internet exchanger, which is a simple process:

  • First choose the currency and the certain amount you want to trade.
  • Select COTI from the second dropdown selection after entering the amount you want to trade. The system will show you the estimate of how much you’ll get.
  • Enter the address that COTI will receive.
  • Check all the information, you entered to avoid problems.

To begin the process of exchanging to your wallet for COTI, you must send the certain amount of BTC to this address.

The advantages of COTI

There are positive sides of the virtual payment system:

  • Stability and high speed of payments.
  • Protection for both the buyer and the seller.

So, the stability and reliability of the platform made it popular worldwide. And the amount of users of COTI will grow every year.