Bitcoin mixer: how to ensure anonymity during transactions?

Cryptocurrencies, by their “nature,” are anonymous. Users are forced to use various services and tools, including Bitcoin mixers, to maintain privacy in today’s market. So, how does this platform work?

The essence of a Bitcoin mixer

Cryptocurrency has two opposite features that ensure its value and the impossibility of forgery. The anonymity of Bitcoin has attracted a lot of people. Society began to manage its finances more freely. Cryptocurrency appeared just a few years ago and has changed the finance sector, payments, and purchases. However, the protocol of some blockchains is designed so that all transfers of crypto coins can be easily tracked. Therefore, a Bitcoin mixer was developed. This particular service allows you to achieve greater privacy and significantly complicates tracking Bitcoin transactions. Such services are websites that offer a solution to improve Bitcoin privacy. It is impossible to follow the operation carried out through the mixer, even though it is included in the general blockchain protocol. They help clear the trail between the entry point (purchase) and the exit point (destination of the coins), thereby removing the transaction protocol.

The list of the top-rated mixers includes the following options:

  • YoMix
  • Coinomize
  • MixSafer
  • Blindmixer
  • CryptoMixer
  • ChipMixer

How does it work?

When a user sends a transaction through the mixer, the service breaks it into many small particles. Then it mixes it with other people’s transactions so that not a single “piece” of the original transaction remains in the transfer of a specific user. After that, the mixer sends the transaction in parts to the final wallet specified by the user. You can make such a transfer both to another person and to yourself to get “clean” bitcoins.

So, a reliable cryptocurrency mixer should be as anonymous as possible (for example, not require registration, let alone verification), set reasonable fees, not keep a log of user actions, and work quickly and accurately.